New Ubuntu VMware image

We just polished the last quirks of our new Ubuntu 12.04 LTS VMware appliance and got our new place for VMware image downloads started with it.

The VMware virtualization technology paves the way to many interesting applications. For instance, it is easy to run a website done with a CMS virtualized on some desktop machine. This way it can be developed behind the scenes without having every tiny change impacting the real online website.

In a nutshell, a VMware image is a fine base for many website tools. Ubuntu is the most downloaded Linux distribution and the current version enjoys a five year lasting support. Simply download our Ubuntu LTS image and get your feet wet in this virtual world. The only tool you will additionally need is the free VMware Player and that’s it.

After starting the image the virtual Linux system with over 30000 packages free to download emerges on, e.g., your Windows desktop machine. But you can also run the VMware Player from Mac and Linux. VMware is really a playground tool for grownups. Of course, it is also highly useful.