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VMware images

VMware virtualization is the de facto standard for running one system virtualized under another. VMware enables you to run one OS, the guest OS, under the same or a different host OS:

A popular choice is the combination of a Linux distribution like Ubuntu as the guest system and M$ OS as the host. Another one is a website based on a content management system like Wordpress installed into Linux running anywhere offline for testing purposes.

Other typical applications include these:

The guest system runs in a sandbox. It is shielded from the host system, so that data theft or effects of malicious software can be prevented to occur through the virtual borderline.

Virtualization is also often used for consolidating various servers onto one physical server and save on hardware and administrating different machines.

The first use case enables you to have the vast array of free Linux programs running virtualized under M$ OS, and the next one lets you tweak and tune your website without having to publish these experimental changes immediately. There are many more useful tasks with specific advantages besides the above ones thinkable.

For getting started, visit our VMware Player page that explains what you need to download and to do in order to get our images running on your host machine.

Passwords of the images are included in the readme file of the VMware image zip file. Specific configuration instructions for each VMware image can be found on the individual download pages.

Our latest VMware images are on:   Trend Sigma VMware

Older VMware image downloads: