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Debian 6 image with VMware Tools

The grandmother of all distros is since a long time Debian. For many it is the pure Linux joy, as it is completely free, not only as in beer. And here we have it as a VMware image including the VMware Tools.

Image Debian 6
VM image size 949MB
Disk 40 GB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Debian 9.5

Debian is the base for Ubuntu and that in turn is used to derive Mint. Both Linux distros try to add additional benefits on top of Debian's security and huge package repository. Ubuntu aims to use more recent packages and make an up to date system. Linux Mint adds on top of that a complete out of the box experience, with all codecs, Java and other additional tweaks already installed.

We arrive here at the point where it is time for some harsh words about contemporary desktop ideas. In short, they are unusable. Nowadays Ubuntu goes its own way with its desktop Unity. Download the Ubuntu 12.04 VMware image including the tools and see yourself whether this direction is for you.

The Mint team offers some fine alternatives and generally tries to stay with the classic Gnome 2 look and feel. Here is the Mint 13 VMware image. It has also the VMware Tools on board. Finally there is the swift LXDE desktop and our associated Lubuntu 12.04 image with the Tools. LXDE cloned Gnome the second and so both the current Lubuntu and this Debian image are valuable desktop companions.

Installed programs and tools: Epiphany, Evolution, Transmission, Iceweasel, Empathy, Liferea, Simple Scan, Rhythmbox, XSane, Brasero, Remmina, Cheese, and misc tools including the compiler env.

Zip md5: 0f26aa78071d48afffa9f7e6afe97608