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Debian 7 image with VMware Tools

Debian Wheezy just came out and here we have it canned into a VMware image. Wheezy has put on the LXDE garment and it looks and feels much better than the dreaded Gnome III. But decide yourself which one you like better.

ImageDebian 7
VM image size 505 MB
Disk 20+100 GB
VM RAM 1024 MB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Debian 9.5

This Debian image is especially lightweight. It is a minimal Debian 7 from which some apps like LibreOffice got removed. VMware Tools are installed, but the Shared Folders are not working yet. We may correct that at a later time.

Compared with our standard Ubuntu image the Wheezy VM is lightening fast, but that's mainly because Ubuntu's virtual Ringtail is snail-slow. The best alternative for Debian and Ubuntu fans is the current Lubuntu 13.04 image. Our Lubuntu Ringtail image comes also with LXDE and the installed packages are more current. Wheezy is not as modern as the Ringtail, but that has also its benefits. Ubuntu's Raring Ringtail likes to watch ads...

Installed programs and tools: Iceweasel, VMware Tools, and some OS utilities.

Zip md5: 1000afe76781a58f2126b5ba64a53f86