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Fedora 17 VMware image

This Fedora 17 image comes as a Gnome spin, which is still the default of the Fedora Linux distribution.

Image Fedora 17
VM image size 789MB
Disk 100 GB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Fedora 18

For this time we chose the Gnome UI despite there being a LXDE spin, because most likely it is what people want. However, that is probably just by habit.

Is it a bad habit? LXDE has the good old hierarchical start menu and Gnome 3 has the strange shell. Huge icons combined with small fonts and a scroll bar that's hardly visible. Users wanting to see what is available to run out of the box face hard times now. Users looking for an installed program that could accomplish a specific task for them will turn away frustrated.

The Gnome Shell is for experts, for sharp-eyed young developers. Once Gnome was known for knowing the typical user and their difficulties to get even the simplest things done with a computer. Now they seem to have forgotten this matter of course.

On the plus side the Fedora distro is polished. Things work well and that's why it is listed in the top spots of Distrowatch. Who knows, perhaps we will create also a Fedora LXDE image. For now we plan to offer LXDE also for our Ubuntu images. Stay tuned for the Lubuntu 12.04 that will arrive shortly on this site.

Preinstalled apps: Firefox, Simple Scan, Shotwell, Rhythmbox, Brasero, Cheese, Empathy, Evolution, Transmission, and misc tools.

Zip md5: d3d18a96d7fa48c14b9bbc8a8b3761d2