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Lubuntu 13.04 VMware image with Tools

Ubuntu's Raring Ringtail found its way into this swift VMware image with the LXDE desktop, which is the truly better choice compared to the standard Ubuntu 13.04 image. See below. or better, download both and try them yourself.

Image Lubuntu 13.04
VM image size 663 MB
Disk 20+100 GB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Lubuntu 18.04 LTS

Current default Ubuntu VMware images are terribly slow. The solution to this sad state is to use one of the other Ubuntu's like Lubuntu, Xubuntu or Kubuntu. It doesn't matter from a speed view point as they are all much faster. However, Lubuntu with the LXDE system stands out.

There is another advantage of the X-ubuntus. They all have a desktop that is able to guide the user to installed programs the old-fashioned way, with a hierarchical start menu. Ubuntu's new invention, aka clone of Gnome 3, managed to complicate the desktop navigation ad infinitum. Okay, that's probably a bit exaggerated, but it's hard to understand why they did it.

Note: This image includes the newest VMware Tools, but the shared folders are still not working. We are going to correct that with a new version of the Lubuntu image at a later time.

Installed software: VMware Tools, Sylpheed, Chromium, Abiword, Transmission, Gnumeric, Simple Scan, Xfburn, MPlayer, Pidgin, Mtpaint, Audacious and other tools like GCC.

Zip md5: 7a95a71006812fec22786bf503c3db35