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Lubuntu 13.10 VMware image with Tools

Our latest Ubuntu VMware image uses the fast LXDE desktop. The Saucy Salamander runs much faster with LXDE instead of Ubuntu's standard Unity. This Ubuntu image has also the VMware Tools installed.

Image Lubuntu 13.10
VM image size 736 MB
Disk 20+100 GB
VM RAM 1024 MB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Lubuntu 18.04 LTS

The Lubuntu version has compared with the standard Ubuntu 13.10 image some fine advantages. It is lightning fast, at least in comparison with the Ubuntu Unity image. Then it has a "normal" desktop with a hierarchical start menu. Finally there are VMware Tools installed, and every piece of them is working. Despite the VMware Tools it is a lighter download. So, you have Shared Folders, copy and paste and drag and drop with the host system and both virtual disks can be shrunk. Host window resizing will adjust the desktop size of the Ubuntu guest.

Installed software: VMware Tools, Firefox, Sylpheed, Abiword, Gnumeric, Transmission, mtPaint, Simple Scan, Xfburn, MPlayer, Pidgin, Gnome MPlayer, Audacious, compiler environment, and some other tools.

Zip md5: f83ee90f3675c9c85e4f2af936d85716