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Mageia 2 VMware image

Our Mageia 2 image uses KDE as its desktop, which is also the default of this distro. Mageia is a relative new fork of Mandriva Linux and enjoys currently a top popularity. It even seems to shine brighter than Ubuntu. Try it.

Image Mageia 2
VM image size 921 MB
Disk 100 GB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Mageia 3

With Mageia 2 we present another major Linux VMware image that is actually usable, as it has the KDE desktop installed. Astonishingly Mageia overturned Ubuntu in Distrowatch's ranking list, at least for now.

Want to compare Mageia to Ubuntu? Here you are, with the Ubuntu 12.04 image with VMware Tools. The Mageia image has no tools installed, but its KDE desktop compares favorably to the strange Unity desktop of Ubuntu...

Mageia has a package management that is RPM-based, and thus it has a smaller repository than the one Ubuntu offers. Mandriva was once famous for its usability and ease of installation. It had and has its drawback with light and free vs full and paid versions, but its descendant Mageia is completely open source, free, and community managed.

Preinstalled apps: Firefox, Konqueror, LibreOffice, Gimp, Telepathy, Amarok, Dragon Player and various other apps and tools.

Zip md5: f0f49740e346fdf9041d999c2fb8115f