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Mint 13 VMware image with Tools

Here comes Linux Mint Maya with the long-term support from Ubuntu. This is probably the most complete of all distros. Everything is included and all is well integrated. Even VMware Tools are already installed. And then, Linux Mint is currently the number one on Distrowatch...

Image Mint 13 LTS
VM image size 1.06 GB
Disk 100 GB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Mint 14

Small tip at the beginning:

Increase the number of CPUs to the maximum your hardware offers. Mint is the kitchen sink that needs a bit of horse power.

We chose the xfce desktop for this Mint appliance. It has similar to the Lubuntu 12.04 VMware image a hierarchical start menu and the simple desktop that we know from Gnome 2. We have here a virtual tool that is actually useable!

To get an overview of what is currently offered in the Linux space, check out this selection of images with different UIs:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 has the somewhat strange Unity desktop that is an endeavor of ubuntu.com. It may have its strengths with tablet computers, but for the standard desktop PC... Well, people are shrugging their shoulders.
  • Lubuntu 12.04 comes with LXDE. Fast and small. Best of all, the desktop is ergonomic. You can see what is there. Hard to believe, but that's not the case with Unity and Gnome Shell.
  • Fedora 17 sports the new Gnome Shell. Similar to Ubuntu's Unity its main idea seems to be "back to the command line".
  • openSUSE 12.2 uses KDE. This desktop tries to combine an old-fashioned start menu with the look of the future. KDE always liked visual effects. Still, the usability seems to be clearly better than the odyssey of the Gnome on a shell.
  • Mageia 2 works also with KDE. Mageia is a descendant from Mandriva, a distro that has been known for a long time as being user friendly and easy to install. Mandriva's drawback has always been its commercial attitude, but Mageia has finally solved that. Try this one!
  • This Linux Mint VMware image uses Xfce that looks and feels similar to LXDE. Both are the most interesting alternatives right now and are perhaps only rivalled by the Mint desktop Cinnamon and the Gnome 2 successor Mate.

With Gnome and Unity snapping the last spots in this purposely randomized sequence we currently can only comment this UI race with saying:

Advantage small development teams. And congratulations!

Preinstalled apps: Libre-Office, Thunderbird, Firefox, Transmission, Pidgin, XChat, Simple Scan, Gnome MPlayer, Brasero, Banshee, VLC, Movie Player, Gimp, and various tools Like GCC and Java. Codecs etc are also all integrated.

Zip md5: 3c29ffe50ae6f21a08fac9641a1564fe