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Mint 14 VMware image with Tools

Linux Mint is nowadays the better Ubuntu. It is based on Ubuntu but has a much more useable desktop. Compared with the Ubuntu 12.10 VMware image this Linux Mint image is also lightning fast.

Image Mint 14
VM image size 969 MB
Disk 20+100 GB
VM RAM 1024 MB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password

The newest Linux Mint, nicknamed Nadia, uses the fine Cinnamon desktop. Based on the Gnome 3 libraries it is equipped with a hierarchical start menu and all the ergonomic features that the new Gnome Shell is missing. Simplicity rules!

Two tips at the beginning:

  • The number of virtual CPUs should be increased to the number your hardware offers. Linux Mint as a VMware image is much faster than the ultraslow Ubuntu 12.10 image, but it is still a distro with all conveniences and needs a stronger motor under the hood.
  • Codecs can be loaded and installed with a single mouse click. Just go to Sound & Video -> Install Multimedia Codecs.

A good alternative to the latest Mint is the Mint 13 LTS image, which has the long-term support from Ubuntu and the Mint team. VMware Tools are also included and it comes with the Xfce desktop.

Generally all desktops except Unity from Ubuntu and the new Gnome Shell are usable. Just these two main ones are going strange ways. It is hard to understand that the developers behind them are still trying to ignore all the criticism that comes back from users.

The desktop that is used for this Mint image is relatively new and called Cinnamon. It is a development of the Mint team and because it is still young it may be less stable, but its look and feel makes a solid impression. Cinnamon keeps things simple and is comparable to LXDE and Xfce.

Another fine alternative is our Lubuntu 12.10 image that uses the LXDE desktop. VMware Tools are also included. If you want the original Ubuntu we can only recommend the Ubuntu 12.04 image with Tools since the latest Ubuntu 12.10 is terrible slow in a virtualization environment.

Preinstalled apps: Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, Transmission, XChat, Simple Scan, Gnome MPlayer, Brasero, Banshee, and various tools like Java and the compiler chain. Codecs are loadable with one single click.

Zip md5: 231a372d7e5382f67c09667be367081e