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openSUSE 12.2 VMware image

This openSUSE Mantis VMware image is powered by the latest release of a great and classic Linux distribution. Download and enjoy the KDE version!

Image openSUSE 12.2
VM image size 891MB
Disk 100 GB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
openSUSE 12.3

openSUSE and its predecessor SUSE Linux always supported the KDE desktop environment and so we feel it is natural to choose KDE over Gnome for this distro. The fine side effect is that KDE still has a hierarchical start menu...

You see what you can start - yswycs - is this a new desktop quality measure?

KDE seems to be two steps ahead here. No more listing of strange program names. Instead we find the abstract functionality named and only additionally the program name. You look for a file manager? There you are. On hovering the mouse over the entry named "file manager" you get informed that the installed thing that manages files is called Dolphin.

At the same place the stupid Gnome of other current desktop systems annoys you with huge icons and tiny labels that get on top of that abbreviated. Eventually you are presented a mad mix of names for programs, functions and sentences describing tasks. And then, most applications are hidden and made inaccessible by an invisible scroll bar. This gnome really needs an intelligence infusion...

All bashing aside, this openSUSE VMware image has a nice and polished desktop and KDE made a step forward simply because Gnome and Ubuntu's desktop Unity made one backward. In itself KDE suffered from an early release into the 4.x era with the application developer in mind. The user had to quarrel with a half baked desktop for a long time.

But finally the reality seems to have caught up with the KDE vision.

Conclusion: This VMware image comes with a fully functional desktop and the full range of desktop programs. Everything you will need for day to day use is already preinstalled! Just as a little reminder, KDE is resource-hungry. Don't forget to increase your VM RAM and processor number, if you can.

Preinstalled apps: Firefox, Libre Office, audio player Amarok, video player Kaffeine, and lots of other tools and apps.

Zip md5: ad810c1c0bad1da667832f2c3c262a68