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VMware Player

In order to run our VMware appliances you will need the virtualization software from VMware. The free VMware Player will do fine.

VMware has many versions like the Workstation for specific needs. Fortunately, today their free version, which competes with the open source virtualizer VirtualBox, has enough features to be useful on the desktop.

Just go ahead and try these free tools. Two downloads later you'll have a secure and modern virtual computer running on your desktop. It is really free, there is no catch!

So, here is a small step by step guide for those of you who just have started their journey into the virtual land of VMware images:

  1. Download at least one of our VMware images.
  2. Download the free VMware Player.
  3. Install the Player software.
  4. Extract the image file.
  5. Start the Player
  6. Click "File -> Open a virtual machine..." and select the .vmx file in the extracted folder of your image.
  7. Then select "Play virtual machine".
  8. Alternatively start the image directly by executing the .vmx file in the image folder with a file manager.
  9. For better performance you may increase the RAM used by the VM and also the number of physical processors. Note, that the memory gets reserved for the VMware Player and your image so that it doesn't can be used by other programs running on your host machine anymore. The number of processors must not exceed the number of cores on your host machine.
  10. Enjoy the virtual world.