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Ubuntu 13.10 VMware image

Ubuntu's Saucy Salamander found its way into our newest VMware image. Similar to the last versions from Ubuntu the Salamander is despite our tuning efforts not the fastest one. Download also our alternative, the swift and lean Ubuntu image with LXDE aka Lubuntu. Or see below for the tuning methods we used.

Image Ubuntu 13.10
VM image size 1.04 GB
Disk 20+100 GB
VM RAM 1024 MB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

For this Ubuntu VMware edition we have disabled fading windows and animations with the CompizConfig Settings Manager. These tweaks make the work with the slow salamander somewhat more tolerable. Be sure to increase the number of virtually used processors to the number of physically available cores!

Moreover, we have disabled online search results that show up by default every time you want to start a simple program with the dash. Of course, if you like to get annoyed, you could turn them on again.

The much better alternative with regard to speed is the Lubuntu 13.10 image if you need an Ubuntu image that is actually useable. It also uses the classic start menu. Moreover, it has also the VMware Tools installed and is nonetheless a lighter download. In short, just download it too, and you will see what huge difference there is between these two flavors of virtualized Ubuntus.

Preinstalled software: Libre-Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, Rhythmbox, Simple Scan, Shotwell, Brasero, Remmina, CompizConfig, and some more utilites.

Zip md5: cbb0d00751f3cccbb307489290e1326d