How to convert traffic into sales?

Content is king? Wrong! My offer is king? Wrong again!

Traffic is king!

All right, that’s not an astonishing statement for a traffic seller. But if I have good content or a good product, wouldn’t I get traffic for free and automatically?

Yes and no. Getting traffic by SEO or word of mouth is a tedious task. Neither is such traffic free, nor is it automatic. In many cases it is better to go the short route and buy the traffic directly. That is what TrafficMesh is all about.

But there is something else…

A working business consists of these two pillars:

(Good Marketing) X (Good Product)

More concretely:

(Number of People) X (Enticement Power)

For the online entrepreneur this becomes:

(Targeted Traffic) X (Conversion Rate)

And here we have it! The traffic needs to be targeted in order to make sales. Actually the enticement power becomes bigger if people are interested in your site and product.

Targeted traffic has two qualities — number of visitors and their specific interest. But you still have to have a product, preferably a good one.

What is a good product in the online world?

The online product is special. It is virtual. Customers can’t see it, they can’t feel it, they can’t test it. They only see its packaging and that is your website.

So, your online product is actually the design of your website and the text on it that tries to sell something.

Your product is not your product itself!

Putting both factors together and we arrive at a simple formula for online success:

  1. Design a website with a sales letter or write an email message that promotes your affiliate offer. Make a squeeze page that signs up visitors to your newsletter or list.

    But how?

    You have to imagine that you are your visitor and find out about your possible reactions to elements of your persuasion. In other words, you have to use psychological methods. This is a large topic and we have a free ebook for you, ready to be downloaded!

    Download our traffic conversion manual

  2. Drive a large number of specifically interested people to a website with your offer while minimizing the cost for doing this.

    There is some sort of traffic secret for getting large numbers of visitors while still maintaining a good targeting. It is traffic that results in a full page view of your target page. And exactly that is what we are selling.

    Short-circuit the anemic visitor numbers problem and buy our targeted full page view traffic.

Putting both elements together will bring you on track with your online business.

Good luck…

…and welcome to the blog of Traffic Tool, a place where we are going to offer ideas about using our web traffic and more.

Stay tuned!

Idea vs tool for building web traffic

The idea behind a website is the best traffic generator. Traffic tools are important, but the deeper you get a grip at the root of a problem the better.

That’s the basic idea of this website.

So, we are going not only to introduce the latest methods and tools to generate or increase website traffic. No, we are also trying to approach the problem from the other side, the natural traffic building.

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