Debian 6 image with VMware Tools

To make things complete with regard to current major Linux distros we have here the Debian 6 VMware image ready to download. It also includes the VMware Tools, which is a bit tricky for Debian.

This is a fine virtual appliance and it really doesn’t hurt that much that it has seen some more moons passing by. It uses still the classic Gnome 2 desktop and convinces immediately with its simplicity.

For fans of 3d animation we have the KDE version on top of openSUSE 12.2 that can be also classified as being usable.

The default Ubuntu 12.04 image is also equipped with the VMware Tools, but it has a severe drawback. It comes with a strange desktop named Unity, a development of the Ubuntu team. Similarly strange is our Fedora 17 VMware image with the Gnome Shell on its desktop.

These are two great distros, without any question, but what about the terrible user experience of a command line garnished with huge icons?

So, finally we decided to offer of the current top distros also the LXDE based Lubuntu 12.04 image and the Mint 13 image with xfce. Both come with VMware Tools and both have a classic desktop with a hierarchical start menu.

The user rules and you decide what to download now!