Dubuntu – the Dodo-Ubuntu

We have just released our latest Ubuntu VMware image, the Raging Ringtail, and are pleased to report here some of its idiosyncrasies.

So, for a better blog reading experience, you should download our Ubuntu 13.04 image and run it with your VMware Player. Of course, you can also install it directly onto your machine or run Ubuntu’s Raging Ringtail live-image without altering the hard disk.

If you chose to try the VMware image, go first to System Settings, which is hidden under the icon with the cogwheel. Then select Privacy and enable “Include online search results”.

This setting is by default enabled and was only disabled by us for the sake of making this VMware image at least somewhat tolerable.

For starting an application, the new Ubuntu requires its users to type the first letters of its name into the Dash.

The Dash?

Right, that’s sort of a modern DOS embedded into a Linux desktop.

Let’s say we want to burn a disk. Shouldn’t be a difficult task, and it isn’t. Difficult is something else and that is finding the application that can do the job. The new Ubuntu desktop, called Unity, requires you to sift through so and so many installed apps to guess which one could burn a disk.

In this case we relatively quickly see Brasero disk burner at the beginning of the list of all installed programs. Good that Brasero starts with a “B”.

However, that’s only for beginners. The really cool way of starting it would be to already know the applications name and enter the beginning of it into the big search pane at the top.

All right, let’s do that. We are going to type in ‘bra’ to get a bit faster to our link to the program. So, here is the interesting result that we will get:


As we see, the smart Dash indeed finds the Brasero program. But it also finds something else.

Really smart.

Even better, we are presented with the choice to extent our disk burning journey and see some more 20 “results”.

It looks like Ubuntu aims to be the ad-financed DOS of the third millennium. Or in other words, they seem to go the way of the dodo. At least they try it really hard.

You think otherwise?

Right. We do the same. At least we hope otherwise.

Instead of their main Ubuntu, the Dodo-Ubuntu, already known as the Dubuntu, you could try our newest Lubuntu image and all will be fine.