Linux Mint 13 Maya with VMware Tools

Our newest virtualized OS is the Linux Mint 13 image that comes as a complete Swiss knife tool. It is this kitchen sink mentality that has made Linux Mint famous. On top of that are also VMware Tools installed.

For the desktop Xfce had been chosen, which is a swift and ergonomic alternative to today’s new workflow inventions. Try it and compare it to the Lubuntu image that has also the VMware Tools on board.

All in all we have now these distros of the summer 2012 era, the time around the long-term support version of Ubuntu:

No final bashing today, but the recommendation to just download all of them. These are the top distros and they come with a variety of new and old desktop ideas. Some of them have also VMware’s tools integrated. So, this is quite a good basis for contemporary virtualization experiments.