Lubuntu 12.04 VMware image

To make things as complete as possible for the latest Ubuntu VMware images with long-term support, we have assembled also the Lubuntu image with VMware Tools. This has all the good features of the standard Ubuntu image with VMware Tools, but instead of Unity it has the LXDE desktop installed. This relatively new desktop environment uses the classic and ergonomic design, which is best described by one word, and that is simplicity.

Instead of torturing the poor user with a command line style main channel of communication – the Shell – it simply uses the good old hierarchical start menu. You can still browse the system easily for all installed applications. LXDE has another big advantage. It is lightweight and swift.

For comparison download also the newest Fedora 17 VMware image, which comes with the Gnome 3 Shell, and the KDE based openSUSE 12.2 image. Then you have some main desktops virtually running on your favorite machine and it is convenient to make up your mind regarding the new workflow metaphors.

Right now there is also an Xfce Linux Mint image in the making. Keep an eye on our VMware area and stay tuned! Or even better, subscribe to this blog…