Lubuntu vs Ubuntu in VMware images

The newest Ubuntu creation, nicknamed the Quantal Quetzal, is in VMware images a bummer. Ubuntu chose to concentrate their development efforts on the code line that expects working 3d hardware acceleration and emulate it in case it is not there. That causes in virtualized systems a slow motion effect. Seldom something happens and most of the time the system seems to stand still.

Download the Ubuntu 12.10 image, click the upper left button and type “term” into the Dash. These four letters will appear one after the other with an amazing speed! Can’t remember that I have ever seen something like that in production systems of modern times.

Compare that to the Lubuntu 12.10 VMware appliance and you feel like a swallow that used to be an elephant trying to fly with its ears.

The main Ubuntu distro has also strong ties to Amazon, it seems. After typing in the first four letters of the application you want to start like “term”, you will be greeted, after a respectful pause, of course, with some books that you could buy. The nice thing here, as the Ubuntu team sees it, is that these books have already price ribbons on it. You get completely informed about this world by the new cloud-Ubuntu!

All right, enough bashing for today. Lubuntu seems to be the Ubuntu of the future and perhaps that’s okay.