OpenSUSE 12.2 VMware image

Our newest tool is the openSUSE 12.2 VMware image featuring the KDE environment. You really should check this one out. KDE offers still a usable desktop. It may exaggerate gimmicks like 3d effects, but the basic logic of the integration of all components and their presentation to the user is sound.

Sadly, it is really hard to say the same about Gnome and Unity, the desktops of some other famous distros.

KDE has also better tools covering more aspects of daily work. This desktop system shines with its configurability and for specific wishes the config tools are simply more complete than those of Gnome and Unity.

For those who like to compare things, we suggest you download these three top Linux distribution VMware images:

  • The openSUSE 12.2 VMware appliance with KDE. This one is a really complete tool with all utilities and apps that are useful and demanded for daily work.
  • For lovers of the command line experience we have the latest Fedora 17 VMware image. This tool comes with the Gnome Shell.
  • Finally we recommend the five years of support enjoying Ubuntu 12.04 image with VMware Tools. Unity is the desktop for this one and it resembles to some extent the Gnome Shell.

All three are, of course, great Linux systems and their different user ergonomics may still bear some new ideas in the future for the interaction of human and computer.

Sometimes you have to go a step backward first, in order to advance some steps later. By the way, that is also the basic idea of this traffic tool site…